QMAP Classes for Northern Colorado

QMAP and other supportive training

Experienced QMAP Instructors
Tamra Meurer, MSN, FNP-BC
Sandy Moren Lindberg, RN, FCN

Class Schedule

Sandy’s classes (start at 9:00 am)

  • QMAP (Estes Park): September 5-6
  • QMAP (Fort Collins): October 9-10
  • QMAP (Fort Collins): November 13-14 (Full)
  • QMAP (Fort Collins): December 11-12

Tamra’s classes (start at 8:30 am)

  • QMAP (Fort Collins): September 8-9
  • QMAP (Fort Collins): November 3-4
  • QMAP (Fort Collins): December 1-2

CPR / First Aid classes

  • AHA/BLS Recertification (Fort Collins): November 4, 1:00-5:00 pm

How to Register

  • To register for one of the above classes, contact the instructor by phone or email (see below for contact info). Make sure you provide your name, email address and phone.
  • Payment is due at the time of registration to guarantee your spot in the class. No spots will be held without payment unless approved by us directly. Registration is NON-REFUNDABLE unless you have spoken with us directly and there is a valid reason. Payment must be received to guarantee your spot in the class.
  • If you cancel within 1 week before the class, or make a student substitution, there is no refund available.
  • Payment must be made in the form of company check, certified check, or money order made out to “NoCo QMAP Plus“. See instructor contact info below for mailing instructions.
  • Fee Schedule:  
    • QMAP Classes
      • $85 for QMAP class and testing
      • $65 for testing or retesting only
      • $40 for voluntary renewals (5 year)
    • First Aid / CPR
      • $45 for First Aid class
      • $55 for CPR class
      • $45 for CPR recertification class
      • $80 for First Aid and CPR combined class
      • save $10 if combined with QMAP registration
  • Facilities: if you are registering for your employees to attend a class, please provide the names of the students.

Important Information

NOTE: Read the following when you register for the class!

  • BEFORE arriving for a QMAP class, you MUST complete the online Pre-Course Study Modules (see below).  Once you complete these online modules, you need to print out the “Post Test,” complete it and bring it to class. Please allow approximately 4 hours to complete the modules. FAILURE TO COMPLETE THESE MODULES PRIOR TO CLASS MAY RESULT IN DISMISSAL FROM CLASS WITHOUT REFUND.
  • QMAP required online materials include:  required pre-course study modules, post-test and syllabus.  See below for the list of online materials to download. You MUST download the syllabus and bring it to class. Additionally, we require that you review the SYLLABUS BEFORE coming to class, including answering the review questions in the SYLLABUS.  These materials will NOT be provided for you in class. You will need the syllabus and COMPLETED POST-TEST for class.
  • Additional optional QMAP training documents are also available: printable version of modules, advanced study sheet, homework and worksheet (see below).
  • Optional: viewing the video before class. Go to www.healthfacilities.info and click the QMAP tab to find the “Medication Administration Video”.
  • Class begins PROMPTLY as posted by instructor on website (note there are variable times). Day 1 of QMAP class (full day) will be for discussion of concepts and completion of course objectives as well as hands on practice. Day 2 (1/2 day) is for review and testing. Bring pen / pencil and your driver’s license / ID for proof of identity. YOU MUST BE 18 TO ATTEND THIS COURSE!
  • If you have arranged with the instructor for TESTING ONLY, you will be notified about the place and time of TESTING.
  • Please do not work the night before class.
  • We will request that cell phones be silenced or turned off during class; texting during class (with the exception of an emergency) will not be permitted except during break times.
  • Feel free to bring your own lunch or there are several locations nearby available.
  • Smoking is not permitted on the premises of the training centers.

Class Locations and Contact Info

Classes will be held at one of the following locations. Be sure to confirm with the instructor which location to attend.

Sandy’s Classes

  • Elderhaus, 6813 S. College Avenue, Fort Collins, CO 80525
  • Good Samaritan facility, 1901 Ptarmigan Trail, Estes Park, CO 80517
  • Classes start at 9:00 a.m.

Tamra’s Classes

  • Good Samaritan facility, 508 W. Trilby Rd, Fort Collins, CO 80525
  • Classes start at 8:30 a.m.

We look forward to meeting you! If you have additional questions, please email us or call us at the numbers listed below. To register for a class, we will need your name, email address and phone.

Sandy Moren Lindberg RN, FCN

  • smoren@umich.edu
  • 970-214-5062
  • Mailing address for payment: 280 Shadow Mountain Ct., Estes Park, CO 80517

Tamra Meurer MSN, FNP-BC 

  • tamra@aliazena.com  
  • 970-388-5588
  • Mailing address for payment: 1137 Wyndham Hill Road, Fort Collins, CO 80525

Online QMAP Materials

Click on the name of the item you want to download.


  • Pre-Course Study Modules (PDF) – read these modules first. Allow approx. 4 hours to complete.
    • NOTE: you don’t need to print these, you can just read them on your computer or tablet.
  • Post-Test (PDF) – download, print and complete this test after reading the Pre-Course Study Modules.
  • Syllabus (PDF) – download, print and bring with you to class.